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Where buy Montessori materials for sale
9 May

Where buy Montessori materials for sale

Where buy Montessori materials for sale

Montessori theory is a learning method developed by Maria Montessori, her key principles are independence, observation, following the child, correcting the child, prepared environment, absorbent mind. The montessori method, concept and basic principles can be applied all ages, we found the reasons behind the things in the montessori environment in the range of these concepts.

Maria Montessori believed moving and learning were inseparable, children had to involve their whole body and use all their senses in the learning process, they need to set up in the process of learning opportunities to see, listen, smell, touch, taste, and move their body, and the montessori materials work at this time.

Montessori Materials Are Appealingly Designed 

In the room, the children will arrange, storage and manipulation of various materials and textures beautiful things made of many of these objects will be smooth polished wood, by other enamel metal, wicker and fabric can also explore the nature of items, such as shells and the bird's nest.

How can a preschooler handle fragile small projects independently? Montessori teachers believe that children learn from their mistakes, if anything not interrupted, the children have no reason to learn carefulness, children cherish their learning materials, and happy to learn to take care of them all by myself.

When the children carefully with both hands carrying their learning materials and do special “work” together with them, they may feel that they are just friends and playing games - but they are actually in a well-designed course learning, and according to the predetermined order, by increasing the complexity of the concept.

Benefits of Montessori education

Montessori educational provides kids opportunities to develop their potential, because our children, as a talented, capable, responsible and respected citizen, go to the world in a way that they understand, appreciate and learn to live their lives.

² Each child is seen as a unique individual.

Montessori education realizes that children learn and adapt in different ways. Students can also be free to learn and prepare the course at their own speed, every time the guidance of the teacher and personalized study plan under the guidance of study

² At an early learning age, Montessori students develop independence, coordination, order and concentration.

Classroom design, materials, and daily activities support personal emerging "self-management" (educate themselves, think about their own learning abilities), and the ability of young children to adolescents.

² Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits.

Work according to the parameters set by the teacher, the student is determined to study the key active participant, Montessori understood the internal satisfaction drives the child's curiosity and interest, and leads to sustainable happy learning in their whole life