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10+ Montessori sensorial materials for infants and toddlers
30 Jun

10+ Montessori sensorial materials for infants and toddlers

10+ Montessori sensorial materials for infants and toddlers

By multiplying sense experiences and developing the ability to evaluate the smallest differences in various stimuli, one’s sensibilities are refined and one’s pleasures increased.  Beauty is found in harmony, not in discord; and harmony implies affinities, but these require a refinement of the senses if they are to be perceived.  The beautiful harmonies of nature and of art escape those whose senses are dull.” ~Maria Montessor

Sensory area is Mary Montessori when preparing method of education attaches great importance to the place she invented many sensory works we are still in use today, such as pink and red rods, her works can serve as guidelines for teachers and parents, to their own feeling inspired montessori materials (e.g., here share material) put together

Certain principles must be adhered to in order to make the sensory material a true Montessori:

1. These materials teach appreciation of the smallest differences in stimulation.

2. Exercise and repetition need to be done to build muscle memory.

3. Variables are isolated: it may be sorted by color, or by size, but never by color or size in the same exercise

4. These materials are used to associate precise terms with specific objects

Yes, I know the senses box is not really a montessori, and do not meet above requirement, however, I found that they are an important source of sensory experience, mixed with practical life skills and chaos of the game, and my children also like them so I include them in my collection of these activities are mostly DIY, and a few require precise montessori teaching material, can buy online.

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